Sunday, September 6, 2009

An earlier battle.

Had a short game of Vassal today, no pic. 500 points, used Old Witch again so I can find out how to use her well. Fielded the following:

Old Witch
Doom Reavers

Faced a Trollblood (Grim Angus), and got squished. In the end, I was down to Witch, Maud and Jugg, while Maud got tether and Grim feated. Ugh. Murdered, Teleported (Unseen Path) and had 1 focus left ><" Bad rolls meant low damage, and she was surrounded >_<.

1 comment:

  1. tsk tsk, its very hard for OW to kill someone anyway. You need to have as much focus as possible to do it. I recommend bring along a unit of Mechaniks, and glutting her on souls before your assasination run. I used this to great effect once, OW was on like 13 focus for my attack run.